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Parking and transportation


Through the Parking and Sustainable Transportation office, a unit of the Protection Services Service, here are the various ways by which you can come to work:

  • Parking

Employees can apply for a permit for indoor or outdoor parking at one of four University campuses (main, Smyth, Lees and Alta Vista). They can also apply to have the cost deducted automatically from their paycheck.

The Weekend Special: As per the University's request, an employee who has to work Saturdays, Sundays and holidays may receive, free of charge, a parking permit that will entitle them to park their vehicle in any University parking lot, except lots with pay and display machines, parking meters and other reserved areas.

  • Shuttle Bus

The University offers a free shuttle service between the various University campuses; the shuttle also stops at St-Paul University.

  • Sustainable Transportation - The University offers services to promote sustainable transportation, such as:
    • Parking for bikes and motorcycles
    • Carpooling
    • Car sharing (VRTUCAR)
    • Bike sharing