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Article 17 : personal file

17.1 It is understood by the Parties that there shall be only one Personal File and that it shall contain all documents related to the employment of the Employee, including evaluative materials.

Additionally, an Employee file will be kept by Human Resources containing pay, contract, benefits and other related documents to be used for pay and human resources purposes only.

17.2 The Personal File shall be located in the offices of the Employee's hiring Unit. Where an Employee is employed in more than one Unit or faculty, it is understood that there will exist a separate file in each hiring Unit.

17.3 Upon reasonable notice, any Employee shall have the right to have access to and to review their Personal File during regular departmental business hours and may obtain, at their own expense, copies of any documents therein. Subject to the provisions of 17.7, former Employees shall have the right to access and review their Personal File.

17.4 No document may be placed in the Personal File unless the Employee has received a copy of the document, delivered by email.

17.5 Any Employee shall have the right to have their Personal File corrected in the event of error or inaccuracy. They shall also have the right to provide a written response to any document contained therein and to provide additional material for inclusion in their Personal File.

17.6 Information contained in any Employee's Personal File can be released only to the Employer and its agents, except as otherwise required by statute.

17.7 The Personal File shall be maintained and readily accessible for one (1) year beyond the end of the Employee's Student Status.