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Professional expenses reimbursement

As per section 40.9 of the APUO Collective Agreement, APUO members may request a professional expense reimbursement (PER) when they incur expenses through work or acquire work-related supplies and equipment.

How the PER works

On May 1 of every year, Human Resources (HR) deposits $1,625 into your account (you can check your account by logging into the FAST leave management system (on-campus access only). You can spend that amount as you go or accumulate it over a period of up to three years, to a maximum of $4,875 (three times $1,625).

If you still have not spent your amount after three years, the yearly deposit of $1,625 is reduced so that your account balance never exceeds $4,875.

Eligible PER expenses

Eligible expenses can include items such as:
  • Fees for membership in professional societies
  • Registration fees and travel expenses for conferences
  • Publication costs and purchase of instructional and research material such as:
    • Books
    • Equipment and supplies
    • Software
    • Journal subscriptions
  • Cellphone fees, Internet access and conferencing services, when the usage is primarily work-related. (When your usage is not primarily work-related or your usage plan is a family plan, only the portion related to University business is eligible. The eligible portion of a family plan cannot be more than 50%.)

Additional important information

  • The minimum total amount you can claim at any one time is $500.
  • For purchases of equipment with a warranty (such as a computer), keep a photocopy of the receipt for your records. You must submit the original receipt with the form.
  • Pursuant to article 40.9.5 of the APUO collective agreement, if your expenses exceed the reimbursement limit, the outstanding amount can be carried forward for a maximum period of three years, after which you can no longer claim it.
  • A receipt exceeding the reimbursement limit for the current year cannot be reimbursed in advance. For example, if a receipt for membership fees covers a two-year period, you can only claim the portion for the current year for reimbursement.
  • Section 40.9.3 of the collective agreement clearly states that the funds allocated for PER are not intended to replace existing faculty allocations for travel. You cannot transfer funds between the PER and research accounts.
  • As outlined in article 40.9.6 of the collective agreement, equipment you purchase with funds from the PER account remains the property of the University. If you wish, you can purchase such items from the University, pursuant to Policy 65.

How to claim the PER and log in to Concur

All professional expense reimbursement (PER) claims are processed in Concur, so that you can easily submit and track your claims.

Log in to Concur.

If you have questions, email Financial Services (Reimbursements)