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Academic leave

If you are a professor, a language teacher IV or a counsellor, you can be eligible for academic leave. Academic leave is a privilege offered by the University and is considered an investment in the quality of University research and of the programs of study that allows you:

  • To devote more time to scholarly work, such as writing a book or conducting research
  • If you are a professor or a language teacher IV, to acquire experience in areas related to your specialization, so your subject matter knowledge better matches the teaching needs of your department or other unit you belong to
  • If you are a counsellor, to engage in scholarly activities related to counselling, to gain professional or practical expertise or to obtain training

You can apply for full academic leave (12 consecutive months) or half-leave (six consecutive months). However, when your leave is complete you must return to your position at the University for a period equal to the length of time you spent on academic leave.

To be eligible for academic leave you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be tenured at the beginning of the academic leave.
  • You must submit a detailed description of the work you plan to carry out during the leave. To be approved, your project must be relevant to your work at the University and feasible considering your performance in the three years preceding your request for leave.

Your request for leave is evaluated by the faculty and department teaching personnel committees as well as by the dean and the department chair. In some cases, such as when valid administrative reasons exist, your dean can impose a deferred leave.

Your compensation during academic leave is based on credited service, which you accumulate during applicable periods of service with the University. Each year of credited service has a value of 12.5% of a year’s regular salary.

For full academic leave, you can use:

  • Up to eight years of credited service to provide 100% of a regular salary, or as little as four years of credited service to provide 50% of a regular salary.

For half-leave, you can use:

  • Up to four years of credited service to provide 100% of a regular salary , or as little as three years of credited service to provide a 75% of a regular salary.

You may request that a part of your compensation be designated as a research grant. If your request is approved, you are solely responsible for administering the grant.

While on academic leave, you maintain your group insurance benefits and your participation in the pension plan. You continue to make your regular contributions. During your leave you have the same rights and privileges at the University that you were entitled to before your leave.

During a full academic leave you must take one month of vacation. During a half academic leave, you must take half a month of vacation.