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Sports Services: access to infrastructures and activities


You and your family have access to a wide variety of sports facilities and recreational activities offered by Sports Services. Here are some of them offered:
  • Gyms and fitness centres: gymnasiums, olympic pool, ice rinks, team sport fields (one is dome-covered in winter).
  • Fitness classes: dance, martial arts, yoga, running, etc.
  • Team sports (such as intra-murals, badminton, volleyball or ultimate).
  • Personal fitness trainers and consultants.
  • Tickets for varsity sports events (such as soccer, hockey, football), all of which are considered "Gee-Gees" and bear the gray and garnet colors.
  • One-time services:

It is almost impossible to list all the sports and recreational activities that Sports Services offers; you will surely find a way to stay physically and mentally fit, including friendly competition between faculties and services (there's even a uOttawa employee hockey league!)

Sport Services takes your well-being to "heart and mind". Consult their Web site - the Gee-Gees Web site - and in particular the pages made for you, the Healthy and Active Campus page and, for prices and discounts, the Employees and retirees page - Have fun and participate!