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Article 1 : purpose and definitions


1.1 Whereas the parties hereto desirous of concluding an agreement for the purpose of assuring proper conditions for collective bargaining, for promoting and maintaining stability and harmony, respecting the terms and conditions of employment, have agreed with each other as follows. In the Agreement the generic masculine is used without discrimination.


1.2  The Union: refers to the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), local 772-B.

1.3  The Employer: refers to the University of Ottawa.

1.4  The University: refers to the Employer - the University of Ottawa.

1.5  The Parties: means the University and the Union.

1.6  Employee or regular employee: refers to an employee holding a permanent position with a regular schedule as specified in Articles 2.1 and 7.2 of the Agreement.

1.7  Liaison Officer: means the Director, Labour Relations, the Principal Negotiator or their delegates, who alone are empowered to deal with any problems relating to labour relations, discussions or negotiations and agreements with the Union.

1.8  Division Head(s)(Immediate supervisor or supervisor): means the Trades Supervisor or the Instrumentation/lectrical Supervisor,the Manager, Mechanical and Plumbing Infrastructure, and any other supervisors assigned by the Physical Ressources Service.

1.9  Contract employee: Employee hired for a maximum of twelve (12) months to perform work required because of either a lack of employees or employees absences, or because of excess work load; this employee’s terms and conditions of employment are not governed by this Agreement, and any contract extension beyond the maximum twelve (12) months requires the approval of both the Union and the University.

1.10  Internal applicant: Applicant type that includes regular employees holding a permanent position with a schedule of thirty-six (36) hours a week, as specified in article 7.2 of the Agreement.

1.11  External applicant:

This applicant type includes:

  • regular support-staff employees of the University not governed by the Agreement;
  • contract employees of the University not governed by the Agreement;
  • supernumerary staff members (paid by way of remuneration requests); and
  • persons not working at the University of Ottawa.

1.12  Continuous service: Means a period of service with more than thirteen (13) weeks of uninterrupted work.

1.13  Bargaining Unit: the Union representing trades, grounds and transportation workers through local 772-B of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE).

1.14  Seniority in the Bargaining Unit: refers to the length of the employee‘s continuous service in the Bargaining Unit.

1.15  Classification Seniority: refers to the length of the employee‘s continuous service in a given classification of a division in the Bargaining Unit.

1.16  Union Delegate: means an employee who is a local union representative.

1.17  Agreement: means the current Collective Agreement.

1.18  Union representative: means an outside representative who works for the Union.