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Recognition Programme

We know that the success of our university depends on a commitment to excellence across the entire campus, from the executive team to frontline workers. With this in mind, the University of Ottawa is changing its employee recognition practices. Recognition is essential to achieving excellence, which is possible thanks to highly qualified and dedicated staff whose efforts must be supported, motivated and appreciated.

While we have many successful formal recognition programs in place today, it is the day-to-day feedback and informal appreciation for positive changes that make the most difference for employees. Thus, the University of Ottawa officially launched its Recognition programme on the 25th of November 2015. Our goal of improving service quality across all aspects of the university experience—whether it is working with a professor or academic advisor, registering for a course, buying books or signing up for varsity sports—is an important strategic priority.

The programme objective

The goals of the Recognition programme are meant to:

  • Praise effort
  • Reward Results
  • Honour Accomplishment
  • Empower Others

For further details on how to recognize peers or employees, you may consult the Recognition programme Web site.