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Article 39 : contracting out

39.1 A contract awarded to an outside contractor by the University cannot have the effect of reducing the normal working hours of employees or opportunities for a call back to work, standby or overtime, including preventing recalls of employees laid off from the sector in question because of the outside contract.

39.2 If the University intends to contract out an important function or the majority of a function normally carried out by employees covered by the bargaining unit, the University first discusses its intent with the Institute.

39.3  For the purposes of 39.2, the discussion takes place before the Labour Relations Advisory Committee. Either party can terminate discussions sixty (60) days after the Institute has been advised of the University's intention to subcontract and the justification for subcontracting, or sooner if an agreement is reached between the parties. An outside contractor cannot be awarded a contract prior to discussions provided for in this Article have been undertaken.