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Basic dental insurance


The Basic Dental Insurance Plan reimburses 80% of the cost of eligible dental procedures.

Examples of dental procedures that qualify for reimbursement:

  • Check-ups (every six months) and complete oral examinations
  • Extractions and root canals
  • Some X-rays
  • Preventive treatments

Reimbursement is based on the cost of services as set out by the Ontario Dental Association suggested fee guide in effect for the year previous to the treatment.

The University pays 100% of the premiums.


You are eligible if you are:
  • A permanent employee
  • regardless of age

You can select either individual or family coverage. Family coverage includes your eligible Spouse and/or Dependent child.

Opt-out option

During the re-enrolment period, you may choose to opt out of the Basic Dental Insurance Plan if you are covered under another dental plan, such as your spouse’s dental plan.

If you opt out, you can opt back in at the next re-enrolment period. To opt back in before the next re-enrolment period, you must:

When you opt out, you receive 243 benefit dollars each year in your Health Care Spending Account.


The University pays the full cost of basic coverage. Monthly premiums are:
  • Individual coverage: $25.74
  • Family coverage: $77.75

Basic services

The Basic Dental Insurance Plan reimburses 80% of the following eligible expenses with no maximum.

Reimbursement is based on the Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide for General Practitioners for the year immediately preceding, and on the least expensive treatment that will yield professionally adequate results.

  • Complete oral examinations (once every 36 months), recall examinations ( twice per calendar year), and emergency examinations and treatments,
  • Bitewing x-rays ( twice per calendar year), and full-mouth x-rays (once every 36 months),
  • Routine diagnostic and laboratory procedures,
  • Preventive treatments including: cleaning, discing, scaling, polishing, and topical application of fluoride for children under age 19 ( twice per calendar year for each treatment listed),
  • Oral hygiene instruction (once in any one calendar year),
  • Space maintainers for children under age 18 and habit-breaking appliances,
  • Consultations required by the attending dentist,
  • Dental surgery including: general anaesthesia, related diagnostic x-rays, and laboratory procedures,
  • Endodontic services (root canal therapy),
  • Periodontic services (treatment of gums and bones supporting the teeth),
  • Retentive pins and amalgam, silicate, acrylic, or composite fillings, including tooth-coloured restorations on permanent anterior teeth only, and
  • Denture repairs, relining or rebasing (once every 36 months).

Insurance forms

Initiate a claim or update coverage

To initiate a claim or modify your policy, log into the Manulife Secure Site - You will then need the following information:

  • Your contract number, which is 14101
  • Your certificate number, which is your 9 digit uOttawa employee number, and
  • Your password (if you do not have a password, you must first sign up online)

Help lines

You can contact Manulife:
  • Via the Manulife website or
  • By phoning the Manulife customer service hotline at 1-800-268-6195

If you encounter any problems or issues, contact Human Resources at or 613-562-5832