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Integration level and YMPE


  • YMPE = Year's maximum pensionable earnings
  • The YMPE is an amount set annually by the government (it is based on average wage increases in the Canadian industrial sector). It refers to the maximum amount of earnings on which Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions are made.
  • The YMPE for 2023 is $66,600

The integration levels as defined by the University of Ottawa Pension Plan

  • For the credited years of service prior to January 1, 2004, the lesser of:
    • 85 % of the YMPE of 1999, that is $31,790 (85 % of $37,400);
    • 85 % of the average YMPE in effect during the same period as the one used to calculate your average earnings.
  • For the credited years of service starting as of January 1, 2004, the formulas above remain the same, except that the YMPE of 1999 ( $31,790) is indexed annually at a rate of 55 % of the increase in the YMPE. Therefore, that integration level has now reached $43,490 in 2023.