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Parental leave

You are entitled to parental leave following the birth of a child, or upon welcoming a child for the first time into your custody. Parental leave is available to both parents, including parents who adopt a child and individuals who are in a permanent relationship with a parent of a child and who intend to adopt and treat the child as their own.

After you have completed 13 weeks of service at the University, you are eligible for up to 63 weeks of parental leave. However, if you take maternity leave, you are eligible for up to 61 weeks of parental leave, which must begin immediately following your maternity leave. If you do not take maternity leave, parental leave may begin no more than 78 weeks after the day the child is born or comes into your custody and care for the first time.

You may apply for and collect Employment Insurance benefits during your leave.

Notifying the University

You must notify your department/faculty in writing and provide a medical certificate at least one month before the start of your parental leave.

Additional information

Canada Life - Within 31 days of the birth or adoption, please add your child to your Canada Life group benefits (if applicable) via the Canada Life website.

Record of Employment – A Record of Employment is created and submitted to Service Canada up to five calendar days after the end of the pay period in which the leave begins.