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Notice of retirement

Important Notice: New Workday Retirement Procedure

With the launch of Workday in May 2023, your retirement notice must now be submitted through your Workday profile. To submit your notice:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Under your name select "Actions"
  3. Click "Job Change" and then "Resign"
  4. Enter retirement date (last day of the month before retirement)
  5. Enter the primary reason as “Worker Resignation > Voluntary > Retirement”
  6. Do not complete the secondary reason
  7. Attach a copy of your retirement letter
  8. Enter the category “Pension” for the document
  9. Submit

If you require assistance, please contact the HR team or representative within your faculty or service.

Thinking of retiring soon?

Staff members must give a minimum of three months' notice of their retirement. Once given, this notice is irrevocable. Employees are encouraged to give as much notice as possible in order to help the faculty or service with its budget and succession planning.