My InfoNon-unionized contractual staff in a non-management position [Policy 47 - NC/NR]

Group insurance coverage for retired members

Life Insurance

Premiums, paid by the University, represent a taxable income.

The transfer service to the pension plan do not count for the recognition of the date of hire.

Coverage is as follows:

Hired after June 30, 1976

  • If, at retirement time, you had 10 years of service or less: $2,000
  • If, at retirement time, you had more than 10 years of service: 10% of your salary at pension time with a minimum of $2,000 and a maximum of $5,000

Hired between May 1, 1971 and July 1, 1976

2.5% of the salary at pension time per years of service (maximum 20 years); minimum coverage of $2,000 and maximum coverage of $100,000

Hired before May 1, 1971

50% of the salary at pension time; maximum coverage is $100,000

Health Insurance

You pay the premiums to our present Insurance provider.

  • Extended Health Insurance (until you reach 65) – Contract number 177714
  • Dental Insurance (until your reach 65) - Contract number 177714

After 65 years of age, in addition to your provincial coverage, you can choose to participate to a group or individual health plan through an organization or with an insurance company such as:

The University of Ottawa is not administrating these programs and is not responsible for any changes done by the above service providers.