My InfoNon-unionized contractual staff in a non-management position [Policy 47 - NC/NR]

...I wish to take a parental leave

Please review the information and processes concerning the Parental leave.

Pension and benefits: While on maternity or parental leave your benefits will continue at the regular cost share rate as long as you pay your share of the premiums or contributions. While you are receiving a top-up benefit from the University, your benefits will automatically continue at the regular cost share rate.

Prior to your maternity or parental leave, you will receive a benefit costing from You must inform us whether you wish to continue paying your share of the benefits after the top-up period. If you do not continue paying your share, your benefits will end.

University of Ottawa Retirement Pension Plan

If you choose not to contribute to the plan during your leave, you can buy back your parental leave service later by paying the full cost of the benefit (i.e., the employee and employer shares). We suggest you learn more about your pension buyback options.

If you have any questions, email

Following the birth or adoption of a child, contact Human Resources to report this change because it could have an impact on your benefits and your pension plan. See the section “…I'm expecting a child or I'm adopting”.

Request a parental leave

Enter the leave in the Fast Portal(accessible via VPN or on campus).

If you have any questions, email