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...I'm looking for my T4 and T4A

University of Ottawa T4/T4A slips are available online through Workday. You can view your documents in one of three ways: through the Menu, the Search box or your Employee Profile.

Through Menu/Apps:

1. Click the three-horizontal-bar icon next to Menu on the Workday homepage.

2. Click Pay.

3. Under Elections and Documents, click Tax Documents.

Through the Search box:

1. In the search box, type “my tax documents”.

2. Select My Tax Documents report from the search results. This will take you directly to the My Tax Documents screen.

Through your Employee Profile:

1. Click the Profile icon in the Workday toolbar.

2. Click View Profile.

3. Click Pay in your profile list.

4. On the Pay screen, click on the Tax Documents tab in the navbar.

For more details, see the guide Accessing your T4 and T4A slips.

For more details, see the guide Accessing your T4 and T4A slips.

If you wish to access your tax documents from previous years, you can always do so via My HR Profile.

Note: If you would like to print your tax documents securely and confidentially on the University's Xerox printers, please ask the administration officers in your Faculty or Service.

Questions and technical support

For technical support (e.g. access to My HR Profile), contact Information Technology via TopDesk or call 613-562-5800, ext. 6555.

If you are unable to access or print your slips online, please submit a request to HRinfo via TopDesk entitled "T4 (add year)”. In your request, please include your name and employee number.

Note: Quebec residents who have health and/or dental insurance coverages and/or a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) receive a document by e-mail or mail from Canada Life indicating their amount of taxable benefits to be reported.


T4A Slips (RL-2 for Quebec residents) for pension income are issued by RBC Investor Services and are mailed to your address on file. They are not available online or by email. If you have not received your RBC-issued T4A for your pension, you can request a duplicate copy by emailing

Quebec residents: The taxable benefits letter for your HCSA is emailed or mailed from Canada Life. If you have not received one, it may be because you did not receive a reimbursement the previous year. To see if this is the case, go to the Canada Life Secure Site and check your profile.

If you retired in the past year, the University will issue you the following information slips, unless otherwise indicated:

  • T4 for your earnings (available through Workday)
  • T4A for taxable life insurance premiums (available through Workday)
  • Taxable benefits letter for Quebec residents only (sent to your uOttawa email or mail address)
  • T4A for pension income (if applicable) issued by RBC and mailed to your address on file
  • Quebec residents: Relevé 2: Retirement and annuity income (RL-2) for pension income issued by RBC and mailed to your address on file
  • T4A for any lump sum payments from the Supplemental Pension Plan, if applicable, issued by RBC and mailed to the address on file
  • T4A for voluntary contributions paid out in cash. If you chose to have your voluntary contributions transferred to your RRSP, you will not receive a T4A.

Your retiree’s life insurance premium T4A is available through Workday.

You can obtain a duplicate by emailing Human Resources at or

For more information

For more information, contact Human Resources.