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Maternity leave

If you are a birth mother, you are eligible for maternity leave of up to 17 consecutive weeks, provided you were hired at least 13 weeks before your expected delivery date. You may start your leave as early as 17 weeks before your expected delivery date and as late as the day of delivery. Your leave must not end before six weeks after your delivery date.

If you are required for medical reasons to cease working earlier than your expected delivery date, your leave during this period may be considered sick leave. In any case, the length of your postnatal maternity leave must be at least six weeks.


  • During the seventeen (17) week period, which includes the waiting period (if applicable), the University shall pay to the employee the difference between:
    • 95% of the employee's regular base salary, and
    • The maximum level of the applicable government program available to any person whose salary corresponds to the employee’s salary.

To receive benefit payments from the University, as described above, you must provide evidence that you have applied and been approved for maternity leave benefits under the Employment Insurance Act, and disclose the benefit amount you will receive from Employment Insurance.

While on maternity leave, you and the University continue to pay your full regular contributions for group insurance benefits and staff pension, and you maintain coverage.

Notifying the University

If you wish to go on maternity leave, you must notify your chair and dean in writing during the session preceding the session in which you expect to start your leave. If you are a librarian, you must provide two months’ notice.

You must notify your chair and dean in writing of the exact date you wish to begin your leave at least 10 working days before the start of your leave. Your dean then notifies Human Resources, which provides you with information and assistance for planning your leave.

Additional information

Record of Employment – A Record of Employment is created and submitted to Service Canada up to five calendar days after the end of the pay period in which the leave begins. Based on your province of residence, you must apply for Employment Insurance or Quebec Parental Insurance Plan benefits and provide the University with proof of receipt of Employment Insurance or Quebec Parental Insurance Plan benefits.

Canada Life - Within 31 days of the birth or adoption, please add your child to your Canada Life group benefits (if applicable) via the Canada Life website.