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Health services: Access to health clinics and services


You and your family can obtain services from the clinics of the University of Ottawa Health Services (UOHS) - The most popular clinic is the one located at 100 Marie-Curie, at the corner of King Edward; it is open all week long and its hours of operation are very convenient.

The UOHS offers a large number of services and programs, such as:
  • Walk-in clinics and family physician appointments
  • Sports medicine and travel medicine
  • Regular health checkups
  • Laboratories: exams, tests and analysis
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology services
  • Vaccines and injections
  • Treatment of acute and chronic diseases
  • Mental health services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Healthy lifestyle programs, including programs designed to help you stop smoking, choose healthy food and exercise.

The UOHS is proud of the wide range of services it offers to the University community. Its mission is to maintain and improve the health of the surrounding community by way of its patient-centred interdisciplinary health care team. The UOHS staff comprises over 100 employees as well as close to 90 health care professionals.

The UOHS Web site Health Services (UOHS) is always being updated and is full of valuable information; there's even a "Health Promotion" section that encourages you to make healthy choices and provides good advice to help support your wellness.