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Your personal retirement information

The Pension plan personalized information website gives you access to your personal retirement information; this is also where you can plan your financial future which makes this website a must. Specifically, you will find the following information:

  • Votre annual statement - It contains relevant information such as your accumulated pension, your contributions and your beneficiary.
    • The statement is updated once a year (in June usually) and reflects your own personal data as of December 31st of the past year
    • You can consult the electronic version of your pension statement whenever you need it
    • Consent form to receive this electronic statement: You can always accept or decline to receive your electronic statement using the Consent for electronic communications to active pension plan members form - For those who want to receive it by mail, be aware that it is sent to your address once a year, during the summer
  • Your personal file
  • A calculator to estimate your retirement income
  • A tool to build a complete and confidential personal retirement financial plan that can take into account not only the projected pension of the university pension plan but also your other sources of income
  • A learning area, a budget worksheet and your own investor profile
  • The User guide (PDF) provides assistance on the access procedure, confidentiality, security, etc.